Monday , 20 August 2018

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About EBN

Energy Business News provides the latest renewable energy news and developments to a broad range of industry participants and energy consumers.

Featuring the latest news, deals and policies surrounding all facets of the ever evolving landscape of Australasia’s clean energy market, Energy Business News e-newsletter delivers breaking renewable energy updates twice weekly to an audience throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Energy Business News website provides up-to-date information and an historical database of the contemporary evolution of Australasia’s renewable energy industries.

Based in Sydney, Energy Business News provides readers and subscribers in Australia and New Zealand game-changing information about the latest developments affecting the massive market of renewable energy today.

Our Vision

Excited about the opportunities and future renewable energy offers Australia, New Zealand and the world, Energy Business News diligently presents the latest renewable energy market news, policy and products.

With the latest information sources, we are committed to providing Australasia’s clean energy audience with independent analysis and breaking news.

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