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AEMO blames software for SA crisis

March 31, 2017 10:22 am Category: Infrastructure, Latest News, Regulation & Policy, Wind A+ / A-

The winds which caused the blackout were up to 260 kmh

A software setting for wind turbines has been isolated as the factor behind the South Australian power blackout in September last year.

The final report from the Australian Energy Market Operator has identified overly sensitive protection mechanisms in some SA wind farms as a key problem.

The report says the unexpected operation of control settings resulted in sudden loss of generation at the wind farms, switching off nine of the state’s wind farms.

“Had the generation deficit now occurred, AEMO’s modelling indicates SA would have remained connected to Victoria and the black system would have been avoided,” the report says.

“AEMO cannot rule out the possibility that later events could have caused a black system, but its not aware of any system damage that would have done this.”

The report includes 19 recommendations, which are expected to be implemented by December.

The SA blackouts occurred after two tornadoes with speeds of up to 260 kilometres per hour ripped through two transmission lines about 170 kilometres apart.



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