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New index says renewables power 70pc of homes

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Rooftop solar….150,000 systems added in 2016/17

A new renewable energy index says that renewables generated enough power in 2016/7 to power 7.1 million Australian homes, around 70 percent of the total.

The Renewable Energy Index is funded by activist group Get Up and created by advisory firm Green Energy Markets.

It says that while renewables accounted for 17.2 percent of national generation, the power generated was enough for a good majority of residential dwellings.

The breakdown comprises, 12,000 Gwh of wind power, 15,000 of Hydro, 660 of large scale solar, more than 7000 of rooftop solar and 2600 of bio-energy.

The report says that as at June 30 there were 46 large scale renewable projects under construction, with another 7 added in July. This aggregated to 2843 MW of capacity.

In the year to June 30, another 150,000 small scale solar systems were installed, enough to power more than 225,000 homes.



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