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Wetherill calls out “right-wing f…wit” critics

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Elon Musk with Jay Wetherill. The Premier says the battery will cost $50m

South Australian Premier and renewable energy champion Jay Wetherill has gone on the attack again, describing critics of his state’s power outages as “right-wing f..kwits”.

The Premier, who has also been involved in a stoush with Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison this week over comments that the state’s 100MW batter was like the “Big Banana,” attacked his critics at a book launch at the University of Adelaide.

Launching  Labor MP Mark Butler’s book Climate Wars, Weatherill singled out the associate editor of the Australian, Chris Kenny, who had been particularly critical of the Government.

Earlier in the week, Weatherill told a Parliamentary Estimates Committee that the new, publicly funded, gas powered power station would not be ready in time for the coming summer.

He also said the 100MW batter storage at the Hornsdale Wind Farm, to be provided by Tesla, would cost  “less than $50 million” over a decade.

Wetherill also said he expected to have a new public sector electricity bulk contract in place with would drive the construction of a second new power plant in the state.

Earlier in the week, Morrison said the Telsa battery would not solve the state’s power issues and called it a political distraction.

“By all means, have the world’s biggest battery, have the world’s biggest banana, have the world’s biggest prawn like we have on the roadside around the country, but that is not solving the problem,” he said in Adelaide.

“Thirty thousand South Australian households could not get through watching one episode of Australia’s Ninja Warrior with this big battery, so let’s not pretend it is a solution.”

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