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New fund to develop Vic solar farm

August 11, 2017 12:00 pm Category: Latest News, Research & Finance, Solar A+ / A-

Impact plans to invest $1 billion over three years

A new funds manager, Impact Investment Group, will underwrite the development of a new 19MW solar farm in north-west Victoria.

Impact’s investment portfolio is led by former Pacific Hydro chief Lane Crockett, which plans to investment up to $1 billion in renewables project in the next three years.

This week, Impact announced a $32 million investent in the Swan Hill Solar Farm, which will become on its seed assets.

Swan Hill will comprise over 50,000 solar panels producing enough energy for more than 6000 homes.

Australian Solar Group will be the project developer.

More details of Impact’s future renewable investment plans are expected by the market soon.



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