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Qld biofuels trial uses waste water

September 9, 2016 2:45 pm Category: Bio Energy, Latest News A+ / A-
Pongamia Tree...there's biodiesel in the seeds

Pongamia Tree…there’s biodiesel in the seeds

Waste from sewage treatment i Queensland will be used to irrigate a plantation of 4000 pongamia trees which will in turn be used as feedstock to make biodiesel.

Queensland Urban Utilities it trialling the production of biofuels and will use waste from treatment plants in Boonah and Toogoolawah to irrigate the trees.

QUU spokesperson Michelle Cull told local media the pongamia tree seeds were rich in oil which could be used to make biodiesel.

She said the plantation could yield as much as 12,000 litres of biodiesel each year, or enough to run 24 cars on biodiesel for a year.

The trees will be planted on four hectares of unused land around the sewage facilities.


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