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Big rains help Tassie

May 25, 2016 11:47 am Category: Hydropower, Latest News A+ / A-
A welcome sight in Tasmania. ABC photo

A welcome sight in Tasmania. ABC photo

Tasmania continues to recover from its energy crisis with dam storage levels pushing through the 20 percent level and repairs for the damaged Basslink cable to the mainland still on track.

In the last week dam storage levels added 2 percent and now stand at 21.9 percent, up from a record low of 12.8 percent earlier this month.

After further rain the levels are expected to soon hit 25 percent, which is the “prudential water management level” held by Hydro Tasmania.

As a result of the inflows into hydro producing dams Tasmania has barely required the emergency diesel generation it has installed at the Tamar Valley Power Station.

The relief is good news for the state’s heavy industry, with Rio Tinto’s Bell Bay aluminium smelter set to resume full production by the end of June, a month earlier than expected.

Magnesium alloy plant TEMCO and the Boyer paper mill are both also back on track.

Damage to the Basslink cable incurred in December is also being repaired, with the cable repair vessel leaving Geelong this week and returning to the fault site.

The vessel has been on standby in harbour for the last three weeks due to wild weather on Bass Strait.

There is currently an expectation that the repairs will be completed by June.

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