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40MW solar approved near Toowoomba

April 7, 2017 7:55 am Category: Latest News, Solar A+ / A-

There were six submissions opposing the project

A second solar farm at Yarranlea outside the Queensland city of Toowoomba has been approved by the regional council.

Yarranlea secured approval in January for a 100MW solar farm on approximately 50 kilometres west of Toowoomba and has secured a supply deal with Ergon Energy,which has an adjacent sub-station.

This week, the Toowoomba Regional Council approved a second 40MW project in the face of some local opposition with six submissions against the proposal.

While Yarranlea’s developer claims the site is “sparsely vegetated farmland,” opponents say the 186 hectare site for the second solar project is prime agricultural land.

Objectors to the solar farm cited its placement on grazing land, the restriction of fauna movement, dust nuisance, flooding, weed management and even glare for reasons why it should not proceed.

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