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Tidal map will pinpoint opportunities

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BioPower’s unique “turbine.” The study should find more potential locations for its deployment.

A new $5.85 million research project will produce a detailed map of Australia’s tidal energy resources and identify the best sites for energy projects.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has provided $2.49 million in funding support for the project, which is called “Tidal Energy in Australia – Assessing Resource and Feasibility in Australia’s Future Energdy Mix.”

The research wil be led by the Australian Maritime College at the University of Tasmania in partnership with the CSIRO and industry participants Protean Wave, OpenHydro, MAKO Tidal Turbines and BioPower Systems..

The aim is to to deliver an online atlas which maps tidal energy on a national basis, and to the nearest 500 metres. Two sites considered to have high potential will be appraised in closer detail.

Lead researcher Associate Professor Irene Penesis said the research would overcome barriers to the commercialisation of tidal energy projects.

“With some of the largest tides in the world, Austalia is ideal for this extremely reliable and low carbon form of energy,” she said.

“But potential investors are currently held back by a lack of detailed information on tidal resources that would help them understand the risks and opportunities available.”

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