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Ararat wind enjoys strong July

July 28, 2017 2:18 pm Category: Latest News, Wind A+ / A-

Ararat wind farm…the third largest in Australia

The newly commissioned Ararat Wind Farm has reboounded from a slow start in June to deliver strong generation in July, the project managers have told local Fairfax Media.

The results came after a disappointing June, which saw low winds amid weather patterns that delivered exceptionally poor rainfall.

The 240MW wind farm comprises 75 turbines and is the third largest in Australia.

Windlab asset manager Shaun Blackie said developer RES Australia had handed over operations for Ararat Wind Farm as the site completed construction, and was declared fully operational on June 27.

Mr Blackie told local media he was very pleased with the wind farm’s output in July.

“June was a slow start, we have seen some very low winds as well as poor rainfall for eastern Australia, but July has started off very strong,” he said.

“We have seen those winds pick up again. We managed to get maximum output over the past week with full generation achieved – 240 megawatts.”

Mr Blackie said Ararat’s average generation capacity compared well with similar installations.

“In practical terms, at 240 megawatts (at 29 per cent), we’d be looking at powering 120,000 homes. At 30 per cent that would be about 50,000 homes,” he said.

Ararat was one of the projects which won in the ACT Government’s renewable energy auction. 40 percent of the output is effectively purchased by the ACT, which has a 100 percent renewable energy target.

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