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Ararat wind goes with the Flow

September 8, 2017 11:38 am Category: Latest News, Wind A+ / A-

Flow will take around 50MW of Ararat’s capacity, or around 20 percent

Energy retailer Flow Power has inked its first power purchase agreement with a renewable generator, signed a deal for a portion of the output from the 240 MW Ararat Wind Farm in Victoria.

The ACT Government already takes 40 percent of Ararat’s output as part of its first wind auction in 2015, a deal which made it feasible for developer RES Australia to complete the project.

Flow is a retailer whose model is to offer energy to large scale users, at what it says is on a wholesale basis.

The company said the PPA with Ararat will “tap into a global trend that will bring costs down and benefit both the environment and the economy.”

Ararat is now owned by a consortium, comprising RES, General Electric, and Partners Holding Group

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