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New life in Tasmanian wind sector

July 21, 2017 4:36 pm Category: Latest News, Wind A+ / A-

Tasmania’s Bluff Point windarm was finished in 2004…before the industry stalled.

Plans for a new wind farm at Low Head in Tasmania, which have lain dormant have been revived.

The $60 million project would be situated around 8 kilometres from George Town, and comprises 12 turbines generating capacity of 36 MW.

Low Head joins the $270 million Glanville Harbour proposal for the Tasmanian West Coast as one of two new wind projects for the State.

Wind projects stalled in Tasmania after the election of the Abbott Governmentn and the resulting uncertainty has made the risk unacceptable to investors.

A poll late last year by the Examiner newspaper in Launceston, however, found that 77 percent of voters supported the Low Head project.


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