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Big rains make Tassie 100 pc renewable

May 13, 2016 11:31 am Category: Hydropower, Latest News A+ / A-
Back in business. One of Hydro Tasmania's 30 hydro stations

Back in business. One of Hydro Tasmania’s 30 hydro stations

After struggling with a power crisis which saw $44 million spent on 200 MW of emergency diesel generation, Tasmania was these week fully funded by renewable energy after substantial rain across the state.

Emergency diesel generators imported into the state were turned off as the state was fully powered by hydro and wind generated electricity.

The combined cycle gas turbine unit which has been brought back into service at the Tamar Valley Power Station was also turned off during the week.

“We may require some bursts of diesel and gas generation over coming months,” said Hydro boss Stephen Davy.

“The past 10 days has been very positive. We’ve had more rain than predicted and our storages have risen strongly.

“There’s currently enough hydro and wind energy available to meet all Tasmanian demand. For the first time in months, our island is being powered solely by renewable energy.”

The change in fortune has put the gloss back on centenary celebrations for Hydro Tasmania, which last week marked 100 years of hydro generation.

The state has been in the grip of a power crisis caused by a combination of the Basslink outage and record low dam levels.

The Basslink cable is scheduled for repair by mid-June, although a repair ship was forced to turn back to Geelong during the week because of gale force winds.

Testing to restore the cable, which at times provides up to 40 percent of Tasmania’s power from the national grid, has been completed and a report is due soon.

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