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German storage “disruptor” enters Oz market

July 7, 2017 12:59 pm Category: Latest News, storage A+ / A-

Sonnen battery. One up cost of $14,000, but potential payback in 5 years

German home battery provider Sonnen has announced its entry into the Australian market, claiming its business model will take retailers out of the equation.

Sonnen chief executive Christoph Ostermann launched the company’s “sonnenFlat” product in Sydney this week, saying that “crazy high” power prices in Australia created a good opportunity for the company.

Sonnen offers customers with home solar systems a flat fee contract, begining at $30 a month, wher they connect into a network of other Sonnen customers and trade surplus power.

Customers also need to acquire a Sonnen battery, which costs around $14,000 for an eight kilowatt-hour system, and must have a home solar system of at least 5 kilowatts.

The company says that at current prices, and with expected increases, the system could potentially pay for itself in five years for households on a $40 per month plan.

As part of the deal, Sonnen has access to the energy in the household batteries, and sells that into the grid during peak periods or at times when prices are advantageous.



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