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Melbourne Water embraces mini-hydro

July 21, 2017 4:26 pm Category: Hydropower, Latest News A+ / A-

One of the mini-hydro plants at Dandenong

Five new mini-hydroelectric plants are now up and running at five locations operated by Melbourne Water.

The plans have been installed at Dandenong, Mount Waverly, Boronia and Cardina Creek, and have come on stream progressively in the last few months.

Collectively, they will deliver in exceess of 5100 MW hours of poer each year, enough to power more than 1000 homes, saving more than 5600 tonnes of carbon emissions each year..

All of the plants are fully remote conrrolled and operational from offsite, and integrated into Melbourne Water’s power supply.

The renewable energy, which harness energy which previously would have gone to waste, is used to supply the power systems which deliver water across the network across Greater Melbourne.

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