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New battery storage projects to follow Tesla

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Virtualiation of Lyon’s $1 billion solar and battery storage project for the SA Riverland

Telsa’s groundbreaking battery storage project paired with South Australia’s Hornsdale Wind Farm could be joined by two more large batteries in SA and Queensland.

Queensland Energy Minister Mark Bailey says the Darling Downs region of his state presented “tremendous opportunities in terms of battery storage technology.”

Bailey was touring the Darling Downs and talking it up as a region with an increasing role to play in the renewable energy landscape.

“All of the solar power stations and a couple of the wind power stations that are going in to Queensland can be retrofitted with battery storage technology, and I think a considerable number of them may well be in to the future,” he said.

“That means 24 hour dis-patchable renewablel energy technology at lowest cost, cheaper than new coalfired power stations.”

He stopped short, however, of making a firm commitment to the idea.

In South Australia, the Lyon Group said this week that it was planning to increase the size of the battery it was pairing with the 330MW solar farm it is building in the state’s Riverland, with construction set to start in October. The battery comprises part of what is a $1 billion project.

Lyon is now looking to match the size of the Tesla battery, at 100MW. The company also has plans for another 80MW battery at Nowingi, in northwestern Victoria.

Also this week, tech entrepreneur Simon Hackett’s battery company Redflow has anounced a $14.5 million capital raising, as it scales up and rolls out its zinc-bromine flow batteries to high demand areas such as telecommunications.

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